Postdoc position in GIFT

IT University of Copenhagen has announced a postdoctoral position in the GIFT project, with application deadline 6th of June, 2017. Here’s some information that might be useful for applicants, beyond that listed in the formal announcement.

The team

We are three ITU researchers, two PhDs and a scientific assistant who will be working on the project, alongside the postdoc. We’re eager to get to know you! Meanwhile, here’s who we are:

Anders Løvlie (coordinator)

Miguel Sicart

Martin Pichlmair

Sarah Brin

Karin Ryding

Mace Ojala

Non-Danish applicants

Here’s a couple of things foreigners might not know about working in Denmark:

  • The position comes with the salary and all the regular benefits of a government position. The salary is decided by negotiation, but according to figures from Dansk Magisterforening postdoc salaries range from DKK 409,200 to 451,200 per year (ca. EUR 55,000 to 61,000) plus holiday pay.
  • The working language for ITU and GIFT is English, and there is no requirement to learn Danish during the postdoctoral position.  ITU has a highly international workforce. The ITU staff in GIFT come from six different countries (Norway, Spain, Austria, USA, Sweden and Finland).
  • Denmark is a Scandinavian welfare state with free public health system and unrivalled quality of life and work. It scores consistently high on most international indices, including the “World Happiness Report“.
  • Citizens from the Nordic countries, the EU, the EEA and Switzerland do not need a work permit to work and stay in Denmark. Other citizenships and more information, please see

Interested? Apply now

Does that sound good? Would you be a suitable extension of our effort and the team? Read more, and send us your application.

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